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Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (DANGER) An unexpected release of hazardous substances, or a substantial threat of release of hazardous substances, can pose a significant risk to the health and safety of workers. Unexpected releases can be caused by operational failures and unrelated external events (eg natural disasters, terrorism)
exposed to dangerous substances. The standards provide employers with the information and training criteria necessary to ensure health and safety in the workplace during hazardous waste, emergency response, and clean-up operations involving hazardous substances. HAZWOPER aims to prevent and minimize the possibility of worker injuries and illnesses as a result of possible exposures to hazardous substances. Exposure to hazardous substances has a wide range of acute (i.e. immediate) and chronic (i.e. long-term) health effects. These can include chemical burns, sensitization, irritation, and other toxic effects that can lead to death. Releases of hazardous substances can also cause fires, explosions, high energy events and / or toxic atmospheres, depending on the physical properties and health risks of the released substances. The OSHA Chemical Hazards and Toxic Substances Health and Safety Topics page provides more information on the safety and health risks from exposure to hazardous substances. Under OSHA law, each employer is responsible for the safety and health of its workers and for providing a safe and healthy workplace. Employers must protect workers from the anticipated hazards associated with participating in hazardous substance response and recovery operations. For additional information on workers' rights, employer responsibilities, and other services OSHA offers, visit the employers page, the workers page, and the list of OSHA publications. OSHA's role is to ensure the safety and health of America's workers by setting and enforcing standards, and providing outreach, education, and compliance assistance. The publications "OSHA at a Glance" and All About OSHA provides information on the strategies and programs that OSHA uses to promote the safety and health of workers. For more information and certification, register today to get an instructor in Dublin, CA. or have an instructor come to your location for small or large group training. The certifications offered are 8-hour, 16-hour, 24-hour, and 32-hour certification classes. In addition, we offer consulting for risk management challenges.